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By deciphering through Artificial Intelligence how you react -emotionally and bodily- in front all stimulus that this planet presents in front of you, we are building a Human-Blueprint that gathers and understands your way of being to personalize everything around you and allow yourself transcend.

Espectacularity® collects and interprets your emotional, physical and psychological reaction to each stimulus in front of you, not to recognize you but to understand you. Making your lifetime in the world, Immortal.

This is how we’re solving Humankind’s main problems by deciphering human behavior using artificial superintelligence

Tagline: Allowing a shopping experience that belongs to people.
Industry: Retail, Media Content, Marketing.
Stage: Bootstrapping, Global scaling, VC seed investment.
Located: Madrid, Spain.
Tagline: A.I. to solve small problems that cause big damage
Industry: Big data, A.I.
Stage: PoC, Angel investment.
Located: Lima, Peru. Madrid, Spain
Tagline: Save your Life by predicting Diseases.
Industry: Healthcare.
Stage: PoC, Angel investment.
Located: Tallinn, Estonia.
Tagline: Finding the perfect startups for your innovative business purpose.
Industry: Startup Scouting. Incubator/Accelerator Program.
Stage: PoC, Angel investment.
Located: Lima, Peru.
Tagline: Simulate your Dreamed Life.
Industry: Social network, Ecommerce, 3D virtual interaction.
Stage: PoC, Angel investment.
Located: New York, USA.
Tagline: Predicts the Effectiveness of the Player.
Industry: eSports.
Stage: PoC, Angel investment.
Located: Madrid, Spain.

Press & Interviews

Know who is the lie-to-me of marketing.

The Peruvian specialist Jorge Toledo-Chacón explains that reading body expressions can help anticipate behavior and make sales in the store when what is not said becomes important.

Espectacularity: The future of brands is in non-verbal signals.

How to identify your potential consumers? Imagine that your future customers enter your store and through their non-verbal signals you can identify what they perceive of your products.

Science behind human behavior

The new storefront seek emotional reactions.

Scientific studies show how we react in front of products and recommend more theatricality in the premises.

"It takes a purpose to acquire an innovation mentality"

We live in an increasingly competitive world. Where technologies are on everyone's lips. Terms such as digital transformation, artificial intelligence, blockchain, ect, are common in conversations.
However, there are still many points to be discussed in relation to the subject. That is why in this note we interview Jorge Toledo-Chacón, founder of several companies such as: Insighter, Espectacularity, Unishoper, Algoritia, DeepGame, etc.



Spain's office:

Correos Labs, Calle de la Sierra de Atapuerca, 13, 28050 Madrid

Estonia's office:

Startup Estonia, Hobujaama 4 10151 Tallinn

Peru's office:

Merqanta, (Coming soon), Lima



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